Hidden Reality

Hidden Reality

Pittura, Spiritualità, Natura, Idee, Emozione, Tecnica mista, 76x102x4cm
“Hidden Reality”

“Maybe our universe is rather like a tear, buried in a vast multiversal ocean of possibilities”
L. Krauss. A Universe from Nothing.

Hidden Reality is a universal cosmic dream image that allows a glimpse into the complexity of nature and the universe that is vaguely familiar yet never fully revealed.
A futuristic dream within a dream, 'Hidden Reality' appeals to our core emotions, to our wonder and understanding of the universe and our place within it.

My artwork relates to the theme of Art and Science in ways that are original and multi-faceted. As an artist I endeavour to find and assert a basic order that is an essential part of nature and the cosmos. My viewing of the world has filtered through my aesthetic vision in the shape of forms, patterns and textures, light and space, and the way colours work together to form harmonies.
My art visibly takes the world to pieces and builds it up from the inside in search for the beauty hidden in everything around us and the profound connections which imbue our lives with meaning.

Both the artist and the scientist place themselves in an equation with the unknown. Through exploration and discovery the unknown reveals itself a little more. It is this spirit of discovery that takes both disciplines beyond that which is conventional and stereotypical.
Art and Science flourish in each other’s company. They strive to find new ways of seeing and search for an understanding of the hidden structures that exist within inner and outer worlds. Giving birth to new ideas and forms is what defines them.

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