Dress block

Dress block

Scultura, Minimal, Figura umana, Nascita, Legno, 120x170cm
Title: ‘Dress Block’
The artwork proposed is a conceptual reinterpretation of the age old process of pattern making, from block to three dimensional garment form.

The description of a pattern is that of ‘an original plan’, of which to copy garment forms from. ‘A pattern is also known as a block’ and my interest is to portray and fuse aspects of the three main traditional processes of creating wearable items for the body; the flat pattern, millenary block and foot last.

The proposed artwork is a series of three pieces which together express the narrative and feeling of a garment emerging as a creation; Piece one: ‘The Dress Block’; hand carved and finished using traditional woodworking techniques similar to those of the millinery block, with a familiar yet completely original aesthetic. Piece two: ‘The Copy’ the duplication of the wood block as a raised formed fabric (floor piece). Piece three: ‘The Garment’ the block copy translated onto mannequin resembling the more familiar shape of a dress realised as 3D conceptual fashion form on the body.

Two main techniques are going to be used to create the conceptual garment over the block, one is moulding or ‘blocking’, the other is pattern cutting around the form.
Fabrics: Carved wood and wool felting, with bond joints to give a seam free appearance.
Dimensions of wood block piece

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