Walking in Circles

Walking in Circles

Scultura, Emozione, Filosofia, Vizi, 210x210x20cm
In order to transform the visual language of the shoe into an object of art I sought to capture its essence conceptually using it as a vessel to embody life experiences.
Starting by considering how the shoe could become its action, I observed and documented observations of body language and foot motions.

From a scientific standpoint the walk can be examined as a wondrous physical and cognitive collaboration that is so fundamental to existing as a human that sometimes we don’t stop to really consider it. I have found that in focusing upon, and embodying the walk, the act itself becomes quite mesmerising. The act of human locomotion could be taken for granted, but as a chosen activity rather than an essential one, the walk can hold a larger presence. “Rousseau claimed to be incapable of thinking properly ..creating or finding inspiration except when walking...it was paths that stimulated his imagination” (Frederic, P65)
The gait cycle is a repetitive pattern involving steps and strides, key aspects of the walking gait analysis and step width data were used to aid the understanding of the negative space created during the act of walking.

The walk in the work is a metaphor for life’s journey in which physical travelling is replace by the notion of self discovery. The project talks about three experiences of the self; one of which is self loss, in artefact ‘Walking in Circles’ the circle symbolises repetition and the inability to move forwards “..perhaps walking should be called movement, not travel, for one can walk in circles…” (Solnit, P6) Here is a very vicious circle and how to get out of it?” (Lawrence, Chapter 11, P1) In the novel Siddhartha from 1922 there is an interesting paradox in which the main character leaves to start walking because he doesn’t believe there is a path that will lead him to himself.

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