Fotografia Digitale, Animale, Natura, Ritratto, Religione, Tecnica mista, 82x102x5cm
My artistic practice is largely focused around man kinds past and present relationship with nature and other species. I work predominantly with animal materials and has been a practicing taxidermist for over 10 years. The use of animal materials are often incorporated into sculptural works, photography and drawings. I have a deep ethnological fascination with various cultural religious and occult beliefs, many of which are deeply rooted in nature and founded on a cross pollination of reality and fantasy. Through the exploration of past and present ideas and belief systems, my work attempts to question our current and increasingly dominant position as a species as well as our fading relationship to other living organisms.
I am a Scottish artist currently living and working in London. I have exhibited nationally and internationally including solo shows in Canada, Italy and the UK.

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