If It Was My Imagination

If It Was My Imagination

As a child, I had worn-down slippers for shoes. Not daring to show the holes, I remade these slippers into a boat, a car or an island. I invented a new context for each particular slipper, giving it a new identity. ‘If It Was My Imagination’ is about an object getting a second lease on life, acquiring powers of transformation in the process. It defamiliarizes reality. making you see beyond the quotidian. A suggestive of infinite possibilities and meanings.
‘If It Was My Imagination’ is an analytic operation that destroys to recreate and arrives to a new integrity. This integrity is subtracted to functionality standards and it is placed in the narrow space between art and aesthetic. In fact, they are touchable that works live thanks to the strength of their overpowering physical nature, but at the same time, they energize every user's knowing knack

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