It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

Scultura, Tecnologico, Natura, Idee, Nascita, Metallo, 300x300x300cm
Man seems to be traveler who, in his flesh-and-blood-suit, wanders about the earth at some remove from his fellow men. Being en route on the one hand and human evolution the other hand seem to be linear processes: you start at one point and you end at another. This way, I seem to have started out in Cameroon and ended up in The Netherlands. My movement from Africa to Holland seems to be, at first, some ‘progress’, some ‘evolution’ on my part. However, progress and evolution are not bound to either time or place.

Chaos is the natural tendency of all things. Man lives with the need to constantly fight that tendency, creating order instead to organise the chaos. Growth and development can't be pinned down, they are determined by the moment.

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