Inner voices of doubt

Inner voices of doubt

I like to paint people. Wonderful mechanism created by nature. I love to look for simple stories deep meaning. Cuts off unnecessary details. I need only the most important. The symbolism of my paintings creates thoughts in viewers. I like stillness when time stops and you can feel it as something heavy and dense. The feeling of eternity and energy.
Usually I choose a large format canvas. Working on a large surface is an incredible pleasure. I really like when the white canvas develops. It becomes alive. At some time it became an independent, and I watch its development.
My profession gives me the opportunity to touch the sacred creation. It is amazing!

This picture about internal doubt and anxiety. Everyone knows this feeling. When the world is divided into two dualities. Black and white. Yes and no. Good and bad. Spiritually and immorally. But often everything is more complicated. Sometimes it is difficult to hear, even your own desires, under the pressure of the socium, politics, upbringing, religion, and so on. The moment of stress when looking for yourself and is shown in my picture. The inner world is is destroyed and rebuilt. Emotions are not visible to the physical eye.

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