Mellifluous Wine

Mellifluous Wine

Pittura, Natura morta, Filosofia, Olio, 76x101x5cm
The oil painting, Mellifluous Wine, conveys a relationship through the parallel movement of silk and liquid. Mellifluous Wine is designed to capture our material and natural world in one cohesive composition. The painting highlights terms to describe wine, manifested in the silk beneath: silky, smooth, bright, earthy, opulent, elegant etc. Both silk and wine are elements obtained from nature, but there is a lot of work, by many artisans, to reach the full enjoyment of these products. I designed my still life with a lot of movement, yet it captures in a single, rare, moment of time because wine changes each year with our climate. Therefore, each year you’re analysing the balance of the wine's structural elements and how those element interplay to form a harmony on the palate. As an artist, I want to visually reference this harmony by depicting a balanced earth-tone palette to create an illusion of the flavours within the wine. Above all, wine, like visual art, is about sharing, love, tolerance, passion, and knowledge. I aim to evoke these emotions using oil paint and realism.

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