RadianceScape Live!


RadianceScape is the void space wherever γ-beam plotted the city contour. Its solitude awakes the detached emotion, also in reflecting the darkness of the truth. In the wreckages and ruins, would it recall what the witness experienced?


RadianceScape is the void space of a city's contour plotted by gamma ray*, this work is inspired by the 311 Earthquake in Fukushima, Japan, in 2011, which has reawakened the world to the nightmare of nuclear disasters. However, until today, the Japanese government still has no effective solutions to deal with the problem of radiation leakage. Meanwhile, highly radioactive wastewater is being released to the Pacific Ocean, contaminating the entire marine ecology and destroying the whole food chain while the government remains in silence.

Therefore, RadianceScape attempts to visualize radioactivity. Through visually representing invisible radiation based on the collected radioactivity data from the international organization, Safecast.org, and combined with point-cloud depth mapping images and graphical scores, this work is able to generate the density level of radiation and audio sounds. By visualizing the cityscape of nuclear radiation, RadianceScape hopes to raise the public's awareness and attention to nuclear disasters.

*Gamma ray: Gamma ray (γ-ray) is a high-energy electro-magnetic wave produced from the decay of an atomic nucleus. It has a short wavelength and is highly penetrating. Exposed to gamma ray, a living organism's DNA suffers damages that trigger genetic mutation.

Technical Statement:

RadianceScape 2016 is a data-score installation. The sound and visuals are generated based on the radiation data collected from the Safecast.org (a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements). As of the body-damaging radiation (γ-wave) are invisible, the scanning laser technique is used to construct the dialogue between space and the radiation data. Different tonal drone ambience and noises are generated base on the radioactivity. The sound samples are captured with an electromagnetic field detector device which also to give alarm to the inaudible energy field. The graphical scores are separated into 2 parts; the first part is illustrating the zone around Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the second part is illustrating the route of Fukushima, where visualizing the radiation level from the Fukushima Prefecture to the nuclear power plant.

RadianceScape Live! is an audiovisual performance that visualizes live radiation data of different major cities (New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin and Paris...) in comparing to Chernobyl and Fukushima. It extended the project RadianceScape 2016 installation which featured the graphical score of the radiation data of Chernobyl and Fukushima in 2016. The year to mourn the 30th and the 5th anniversary of the nuclear disaster respectively.

Project link:
RadianceScape Live!: http://h0nh1m.com/radiancescapelive/
RadianceScape 2016*: http://www.xceed.hk/work/radiancescape-2016/
RadianceScape 2014*: http://www.xceed.hk/work/radiancescape/

*The RadianceScape project was first initiated in 2014 and presented with XCEED.

Special Thanks to Jason Lam in helping to create the landscape visual for RadianceScape 2014, Jeff Wong's laser programming in RadianceScape 2016 installation and Kwankai being in team to create the 3D cities.

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