Codex Altilianus

Codex Altilianus

Pittura, Politico/Sociale, Filosofia, Figura umana, Animale, Tecnica mista, 70x90x4cm
technique: oil and acrylic on canvas

In the age when it became normal that leaders openly bully the people of their countries, ethics is more relevant than ever. The Codex Altilianus is about ethics, about how we treat each other.
As Aristotle said you can't be happy if you let others mistreat you and similarly you can' t be happy if you mistreat others. This is why ethics is important and not for being noble.
In most of my work I use anthropomorphized characters instead of people because it creates emotional and psychological distance between the viewer and the subject. This distance allows the audience to investigate ideas that otherwise would feel uncomfortable to explore.
The mix of two and three dimensional representation roots in visual psychology and serves a similar objective: to disrupt our automatized habits of looking and to let us focus.

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