Internet Girl

Internet Girl

Internet Girl (Katya’s Portrait)
Antonio Canova’s "Three Graces" was the initial inspiration for this work. I had an ideal model, Katya, who seemed the very embodiment of Canova’s aesthetic. Although I had decided to make my own composition, but using the same figures with their original gestures, after I began to put Katya in the same poses for the outline sketches, I soon realized that I wanted to rotate the figures. I kept them with the same poses that Antonio Canova’s sculptural composition had given them, but changed their places. The result was this drawing on the large canvas.
I depicted but one girl, Katya, in three poses playing with Web Browsers. I have included Safari, Chrome,Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and a special tool for catching Pokémon, and one orange placed in the girl's hand. Next I positioned the canvas horizontally and began to spill paint on it. These Web Browsers have to explode with color! My intention here was to show the power of Internet through the energy of the paint.
Later, as the background was put in, the predominant thought was of the symbolic meaning of the Three Graces.

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