Perfect Cut

Perfect Cut

Part of a series of work intriguingly titled 'Pink Magic'. The idea of the project is based on the interplay of three-dimensional space and the illusion of flatness created through a certain monotony of designs, each with a deliberately made almond-shaped hole in their midst and a contrasting colour or pattern within.

Lomaka transforms the traditional 'battle of the sexes' into a joyful play from which both parties derive pleasure. She focuses on the climax of their mutual relationship, resulting in these moments of magic. Pink Panther assumes various imaginable poses and positions around the almond-shaped hole, powerless to escape its magical attraction, revealing his dependence. Step by step, he experiments with the variety of methods to achieve the desired goal which lies beyond this reality, and is namely, hidden behind the hole. Only when being joined together and acting together, they achieve the desired catharsis, so evident in the joyful emotions of Panther, manifest as stars and circles inhabiting the space inside the cut. Only then, as the artist believes, will the 'pink magic' happen.

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