Pittura, Spiritualità, Politico/Sociale, Pace, Figura umana, Acrilico, 100x100x2.5cm
<Chamber> is one of four painting which portrays human faces with their eyes closed in square canvas. These series were inspired by current political issues such as presidential impeachment in South Korea, presidential election in U.S.A and Syrian civil war.

I found closing eyes conveys two ironical acts, both negative and positive. One is negative act in which one ignores or separates itself from the outside world as an immediate response to unpleasant moment. The other is positive act in which one intentionally closes eyes to find inner self for peaceful mind.
I supposed this is closely related to what people feel about present time. There are two extreme situations in which individuals search for peace, but the world seems to hard to see or confront with their own eyes.

Viewers can easily recognize that the numerous faces drawn are not of an ethnic group, and all are of different ages and backgrounds. I believe all humans are equal and they all live in the same space called the Mother Earth. That is why I named this piece of work the <Chamber>. Surroundings of the faces are painted in vibrant colors with small scattered white dots. This expression was inspired by a festive atmosphere from ancient tribes ceremony. Humans are in one big chamber who has to share our lives.

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