Save the Green

Save the Green

Selected for “1000+7 Designs” World of Eco Bags Exhibition
BECOME - Be an ECO friend like me!
Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2009

When we combine blue and yellow it will produce a green color. The shade of cyan droplet which means water and abstract yellow tree which means that it is the tree of hope that has dried like the color of sand. The magenta wings would be our hands that will combine blue and yellow to bring out the green to life.

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enrica merlo
9 anni fa
enrica merlo Artista
Un soggetto davvero fantastico, un'opera che riempie gli occhi ed il cuore. Bravissimo.
Luminita D
10 anni fa
Luminita D Artista
brilliant, vibrateing and so spiritual, magical, a very high level! congratulation Nasser, beautiful work!
10 anni fa
EleB Artista
A very nice work ! Congratulations !!!

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