Organic Visuals

Organic Visuals

The latest macro photography series from Terracollage exclusively deals with organic visuals created with fluids, inks and household ingredients. The 2017 edition shows a broad variety of forms and sculptures which are captured with a 50 MB stills camera and a macro lens. The composition of fluids take place on glass panes and petri dishes and have the approx size of a coin. The purpose of this work is to show the many art forms of nature and its ability to organize itself in countless formations and patterns.

Roman De Giuli is a German photographer, filmmaker and lecturer for media production at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. He is specialized in organic visual arts, that is creating practical effects with everyday ingredients without the use of computer generated imagery. His compositions mainly consist of fluids, powders and colors which are applied on glass planes and petri dishes, arranged in stacks to create vivid, three dimensional scenes. High resolution stills and videos are captured with macro lenses to cover tiny areas in enormous reproduction scales. Roman does extensive studies of organic patterns, their behavior and movement, both for film and photography. With the help of music and sound design, he transforms the abstract narrative potential of organic visuals to experimental montages with a cinematic character. Besides video stock footage and prints he creates liquid light macro shows for public events, where organic patterns are emerging in real-time on a tiny surface, filmed and projected in 4K.
His most popular works are macro cinematographic short films like STREAM, SINGULARITY and RADIOLARIANS which got international publicity, not least because of his visual compositions which are completely new to the human eye.

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