Grafica Digitale, Religione, Amore, Sentimento, Emozione, Computer graphics, 42x59.4cm
This work was inspired from ‘ecstasy of saint teresa’ by a sculptor Lorenzo Bernini
His work shows the moment when a saint Teresa was thrusted by a long spear of gold with a little fire,
she was left all on fire with a great love of God.
The pain was so great, that it made her moan and yet so surpassing was the sweetness of this excessive pain, that she could not wish to be rid of it.
The pain is not bodily, but spiritual

It should be God whom I ought to receive the great love.
Unfortunately, I unexpectedly fell in love with a someone else.
He appeared to me to be thrusting it at times into my heart, and to pierce my very entrails.
It is immoral according to the law of The God.
But I was left all on fire with a great love of him.
The pain was so great so It made me moan yet sweet…..

I started to write letters of repentance to God to repent my sins.
Because I know I have no strength to get rid of him.
But to me, the pain is both bodily and spiritual.

It is me in sweet pain.

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francesca furin
2 anni fa
Molto bella, complimenti!!!

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