only women

only women

"Women: The Longest War" headed the magazine "Manière de voir" from December 2016 - January 2017
Since I was young, I have wondered: are women as free as men?
Free to circulate in particular, which seems to me to be a fundamental right. What place for women in public space?
Is it related to the standard of living and education of the country?
Is it related to a culture ?
Or is it universal?

This friction is barely visible most of the time. Maybe because we used to it. It is like it became more a personal feeling.
And then, certain actions reveals this silent conflict. This is the case of this special woman train in the Osaka subway.
This measure delimits the space and time between men and women, puts them out of conflict in certain places, at certain hours.
Goal is to protect women from harassment, but it stigmatizes also all men: is it the right answer?

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