Kibera Talking

Kibera Talking

As the largest urban slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world, life in Kibera is constantly marked by tension. The community is often in conflict – with violence, looting and murder – a common consequence of both tribal differences and overall economic hardship. Land ownership is a regular point of tension, as 10% of the residents are shack owners and landlords, with the remaining 90% of the population being tenants with no individual rights. Conflict also often arises between the Luo and Kikuyu tribes or between those residents with work and those without.

Kibera Talking is a community initiative to give a public voice to the young people of Kibera – to speak out about the issues affecting Kibera and its residents – a forum that aims to educate society with a positive message of peace, togetherness and development.

Inspired by Kibera Talking my project aims to show the everyday reality for the many residents of the slum – within their daily routines of living in Kibera – but away from the headlines of violence and conflict – all shown with a humanity, a tenderness and a genuine respect for the people of Kibera.

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