The human being

The human being

The human being of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Patricia Creyns portrays human thought by newspaper cuttings. The letters symbolize thought. In her work, each human figure has its own experience, its history, its thoughts. Even beyond death, they leave memories, an emotional and intellectual heritage.
In the exhibited series, this is shown to us by the swimmers in the open air swimming pool of yesteryear - today in ruin. Some bask in and around the pool. Others pass through the cabins. The characters in these narrow passages evoke the difficult moments of life transmitting the feeling of being totally stuck between walls, of being caught in a conflict, in an inextricable tangle.
Or is it just an illusion? Do not the Creyns cabins have breaches?
The free or oppressed human being as inexhaustible source of inspiration.

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Patricia Creyns
3 anni fa
Patricia Creyns Artista
Thank you :-)
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good luck...

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