Fotografia Digitale, Religione, Ritratto, Memoria, Digitale, 2000x3000x240cm
The grandfather of unknown age. When he was young, Mohamed used to live in the Dajla province in Estern Sahara. When this territory was occupied 40 years ago, he moved to the Algerian desert and lived in the Dajla camp, the furthest one from Tindouf airport. During the journey and the first period at the camps, he had to learn how to survive in a dry environment without natural resources and very hard conditions. His family was born in the Dajla camp and lived there for a long time. Four years ago, he went blind because of the wind and the sand of the desert and the family decided to move him to Boujdour, the closest wilayah to Tindouf with electricity, in order to take care of him properly. Mohamed lives in the haima and does not like to go out. He owns a few goats, which his grandson Mohamed Dih takes care of, and only goes out to see them every once in a while. He gives advice to his old grandson and does not like hearing his young grandson cry. He is deeply religious and strictly complies with Salah. He enjoys talking about the past and remembering his years in Dajla.

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