The aim of my project was to compose an imagine, which in a simple and transparent manner portrays domestic violence. Not everyone likes to step into somebody else’s family problems, and therefore a lot of abuse that goes on behind closed doors is left to its own to carry on, almost within consent from third parties.

The picture represents the story of ‘let the strongest person win’. It allows the fittest to manipulate the others, by pulling certain strings until the house falls apart.

Use of violence in families makes a regular appearance in our society, and it occurs in all its sectors. The actual statistics of domestic violence are unknown as a lot of these crimes go on without being reported. The victims often hide the acts of domestic violence, as they fear of the reaction of the close community. Unfortunately the consequences of going through such course of action can be quite severe in its physical and mental meaning.

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Edyta, Sylwia Majewska
3 anni fa
Thank you Kaja, I could say the same about your artwork:)
Kaja  Mihajlović
3 anni fa
it is just breathtaking, amazing work and whole portfolio.

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