Eva's garden

Eva's garden

Pittura, Spiritualità, Natura, Fantasia / Visionario, Emozione, Tecnica mista, 68.7x76x1.2cm
“Gardens” is a series of artworks That I am working under the concept of the new worlds. The core of the project is the idea of experimenting in the processes of perception. Nothing is as it seems, nothing is for granted. Worlds of transience where subjects, objects, and territories live states of continuous transformation and facing surprisingly their potential renaissance, creation, evolution, dissolution and disappearance. This juxtaposition highlights the contingent and transient nature of life that structure our daily experience, where a random incident can penetrate anytime and change the flow of things.

In certain way these “Gardens” constitutes “other worlds” made up from slices of unexpected which is visually reflected in the selection of the diversity of images. It is a reaction against the prevailing values and structures of society. A romantic refusal of that ‘sense of reality’ which strives to invade and control the personal sphere of emotions. Through the use of a language half-rooted in the sub-conscious imagery of symbols, dreams and myth, and half-rooted in the outer world of impressions, I attempt to achieve a ‘non-sense’ and an incoherence that leads to the entire exploration of the inner sense and the substance.

A poetic transformation of the world into a spiritual world, where everything is combined and related. Human achievements, researches, observations and knowledge that grows and flourish from nature. The desire is to go beyond the values of current morality, to return to innocence and create a world independent of any logic or principle.

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