Separate Truths

Separate Truths

Grafica Digitale, Filosofia, Emozione, Politico/Sociale, Religione, Processing graphics, 50x70cm
Why we are in conflict today? Always weigh alternative perspectives true in itself, with yourself and to others. This alternative appears in this art work / experimental photgraphy - digital art/ through several layers of reading plan with all the symbolics: back of a girl who has a black and white hair, black frame showing fragmented our alter ego and sunglasses as decorative mirror and all the reflections in it. Monochrome insight is heightened duality that we all carry. When this monochrome review starts with painting colors of individual views on the situation and the people, we become particularly contrasting, conflicting and even violent. It is necessary to constantly review the interior of the real truth that one truth and always one truth.
Thank you for your attention!

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Narcisa Sehic
2 anni fa
Narcisa Sehic Artista
Thanks Microbonet.
2 anni fa
microbonet Istituzione
Lavoro interessante, complimenti!

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