Burnt Slides

Burnt Slides

Fotografia Digitale, Paesaggio, Astratto informale, Digitale, 60.9x40.6x2.5cm
While copying old slides to jpegs, I found slides that were in a house fire. Some were completely stripped to the cardboard or plastic form while others had varying degrees of negatives still to the slide. Looking at the remains, I discovered interesting forms and shapes of the contents. Some were distinguishable to see all the subject matter but mainly in browns and yellows and with circles of varying sizes all the start of complete negative destruction. My project was to discover how to create beauty of the remains.
I used color to eliminate some or all browns into other colors. I layered other slides to create new compositions. I boiled old wanted slides to see a difference of not the brown colors but a smaller set of circles that created almost a pointillism creation but in browns. I also decided to use scissors to create holes of other shapes instead of circles.
This project may result in other variations and experiments

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