A Reverse of Time and Timeless Loop

A Reverse of Time and Timeless Loop

I strive to discover the normal and daily routine to bring out the extraordinary. Urban free flow are intense and unmeasurable, because human activity continue in unpredictable patterns. When one try to measure a moment, it would be gone. Time is mobile and incomplete. Memory of space can only be grasped through a simple intuition of the imagination. I am saying this because every time you move away and stand back at the same stand point, the atmosphere seems to be different if you notice the unnoticed, and continue to discover the undiscovered. This is like one super still image - time lapse photography that I have put together and reverse in motion, where beginning of the scene is the last day, and the ending scene is actually the first day to convey the concept of unnoticed moment that have slip our naked eyes every second. The photographic series strike to show the very same concept, yet based on a timeless loop condition where the journey is repeated as if one is travelling in a vicious circle. This is because man is not only a dweller in nature, he also transforms it and sometime find himself lost in his own creation.

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