this is my last work. its called cellebration. please read the text on the image "online dopamine compulsion". I've asked my friend Gui Slaviero Kaesemodel to write about his feelings and thoughts regarding to this moment I've captured on his life and be my collaborator on STREAMERS. I will add his text here.
I think he is the best person to say about the moment, because he was the one living it, celebrating his birthday with his best friends on a very special moment of his life, when he hired me to make this artwork. This work is called cellebration because it's more than a simple celebration. It's something more important than this, as he wrote here:

"What can i say about Cellebration?
The first thing you see in Kiki’s work is that she really captured my happynes. You can see that when you see my big smile in each and every Picture!
That specific date was a very special one. After a very dificult year strugling with a substance addiction, i finnaly overcame what was killing me. And with that i could get my friends and Family back.
That specific day, the one that Kiki with a very sensitive eye got to imortalize in a frame, was the first time that i could get everyone back together with me and celebrate my birthday.
It was a special day and a special Project." (Guilherme Slaviero Kaesemodel)

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