Character assassination

Character assassination

*char’acter assasina’tion

The malicious and unjustified harming of a personís good reputation. During the process of this systematic attempt to tarnish a person, the character modifies, disappears. Such acts are often difficult to reverse or rectify, and the process is liken to a literal assassination of a human life.

I have experienced such crisis during last two years that made me reevaluate things that I had taken for granted. These changes caused reactions in me, and made me realize how many times my social roles and the image of me in my head had been modified throughout my life. During each of my private and public contacts a vision of who I am outlined within. I have been growing up and living with these habits or roles. With the years, influenced by either external or internal impulses- they have changed: some elements of my personalities have gone and some have appeared from within. We have personalities that we repress, even elements that we undertake to mold into the form of what others perceive us to be or what we wish they would.

With this project I would make an attempt to put down these grown out roles, and record it visually. I set about to make a staged photo series of 15-20 pieces that talks about relevant and common situations, affairs by re-creating different female characters. As a self-discovery this series concerns intimate matters as much as questioning social, gender, generational and existential problems.

Each scene would be built around one character or characteristic. The previously casted heroines’ body would be styled in different roles, atmosphere and locations. These female figures are not only built on my experiences, anxiety and relevant social presence, but on mythological, religious and fine artistic references too. I have also been researching the history of death, murder and suicide in art, through symbols and different traditions, tribes and nations to have gain a much complex and integrated vision of these portrayals.

The whole series would consist of 10-15 main situation, based on each personality, and a couple more from different perspectives, angles, and point of views, that would describe more the situation, the heroine character, her role, and the death itself. Attributes about the murders/ self-murders, close ups should be presented as well, as it is in a crime discovery. Trough this coherent structure of the project I would like to present the series in a provocative and challenging way to create a thoughtful and extensive photobook.

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