The Gun Music Box

Scultura, Politico/Sociale, Pace, Amore, Odio, Metallo, 205x105x75cm
The firearm was invented and continued to evolve as a tool for killing. Unlike other versatile tools, such as a knife, for example, a concept behind it and its use was never intended for something else, and unlike the same knife, its reputation, so to speak, was never tarnished (when someone decided to stab another being instead of cutting bread or making another tool).

To me, firearms, despite their violent and destructive nature, always appealed aesthetically with their sleek surfaces and shapes. And then, the phrase “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” sparked this idea – what if we choose to look at this tool from another angle than its inventors intended, perhaps a less violent and more positive one? This is how The Gun Music Box was born.

There exists a group of people who engage in utopian projects. I consider myself to be one of them. I do not have a clear-cut plan on changing the world nor do I want to force my worldview on others. I simply feel like offering, at this point in time of extreme violence, a different approach. Because it we are rotten enough to use productively and otherwise innocent tools to inflict destruction and suffering, maybe we are human enough to transform the killing machines into something innocent and productive.

The world of ideas started and will continue without me. But I hope that my The Gun Music Box will be seen as a tiny grain of a blueprint for other artists and thinkers to come who might be inspired to employ their imagination to transform the way we think.

Thanks for your time!

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