When The Persona Plays With Fire, The Author Will Burn 1-8

When The Persona Plays With Fire, The Author Will Burn 1-8

The work I am submitting- “When The Persona Plays With Fire, The Author Will Burn” - consists of eight individual images to make one piece. The mediums are an anachronistic mix of the ancient and modern (digital inkjet prints mounted in plaster as a fresco).
Created in over 4 months including set construction, prop building, photographing and plastering. The original inspiration came from ancient Greek drama and a visit to the ancient city of Pompeii which was covered in volcanic ash 2000 years ago and only recently uncovered.
The masked characters in my story, like those in ancient Greek drama, hide the actors’ identity from the real-life characters they may satirise; us.
The narrative that touches on how Man deals with the “unknown”. At times it is feared, and at times it is embraced. Man is innately predisposed to be creationist, and uses this to provide his own answers, no matter how counter intuitive or anti-factual. We can be logical and simultaneously, illogically filled with beliefs that are palpably false. These beliefs are held with passionate certitude, and Man builds on them: creating institutions, and waging war, all with these counter intuitive fantasies as its sub-structure. It is about Man defining himself until it ultimately ends in destruction.
The images following the actual works are showing the creative process in steps.
Random inspiration- from travel, books, museums, etc
Primary rough sketches
Detailed storyboard- including props list and set details
Mask making and costume making
Set building and decoration
Lighting tests
Mounting prints in plaster and carving/filling cracks

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