The Secret Inside Me

The Secret Inside Me

Fotografia Digitale, Natura, Sentimento, Emozione, Morte, Tecnica mista, 30x22x2cm
I have always believed in art as one of the most powerful channels of communication and I have committed myself to it for as long as I can remember. In my life experiences I have noticed several times the difficulties people have expressing and sharing their emotions, especially because they’ve often been considered as a sign of weakness in society. Art, music, literature, theatre and fine art have always played a crucial role in human history as a reflection of society, interaction between people and for self expression. However the idea does still exist that art belongs to those who have the skills or the natural vocation to it and people that express themselves through it are socially accepted in that context.

What if art is used as an instrument that everybody can benefit from?

What if it is used as therapy to help people, especially for those who have never considered it before? Which are the benefits that art can give to people that experience difficulties in life such as illness or bereavement?

The project intends to explore the emotional stages that people affected by cancer experience during the illness in order to create a body of work that can help them to share their feelings. As everyone is individual, their feelings and reactions to these situations are also.


How art can help people affected by cancer emotionally in terms of self expression and how it can help them to share their feelings with their children and relatives?


The project is developed in order to understand the emotional response of people suffering from cancer to create a body of work that helps to improve the communication between families and patients. The instruments used to understand people’s emotional responses and needs are medical documentations and the methods taken into consideration to help people with self-expression is related to art and colour as a therapy.


The focus of my study is centred on the emotional state of patients and relatives in a situation of cancer and the consequent issues of communication that they experience. The investigation takes into consideration both patients and families points of views. I paid attention to the relationship between children and the ill parent through cancer associations booklets and document as well as the patients narrative.


The study includes the visual narrative used by llustrators that have directly or indirectly experienced a situation of cancer and they have translated visually with graphic novels and comics as a way for coping and expressing themselves as well as a way to help other people. Mixed media experiments made with paper cutting, drawing, painting, collage and photography are used to develop the narrative for the research process and the final outcome.


The target audience is patients and their families.


A photographic book that represents the stages of cancer through the symbolism of colours and flowers.

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