The woman's identity

The woman's identity

In my self-imposed task series "The woman's identity", I wanted to investigate the female role in the context of cosmetic surgery, digital surveillance and Internet pornography. Not only because I myself am a woman, but because a perfect woman's image simulated in the digital life affected our daily lives.
The influence is not only externally, but also gives negative connotations in our psyche. To give attention to the self-imposed topic I referred in the implementation of the digital media. I photographed the photographs again from the computer and took consciously certain excerpts. I alienated the female persons with different pictorial materials and symbolism and everyday objects. The women allows a different light.

I went to museums of ancient Greek and Roman art to sketchy Aktstudien of sculpture to make, I also went to Aktkursen to the posture
to understand.

It was my intention to reduce the women solely on your body.
The inspiration came to me at the Museum, when I saw a Roman sculpture with missing head.
My concern was to represent in your posture grace and self-confidence.

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Maristella  Angeli
3 anni fa
Maristella Angeli Premium Artista, Pittore
Molto interessante!
ninio de la selva
3 anni fa
me encanta
3 anni fa
bel progetto...

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