Heritage: after studies

Heritage: after studies

After finishing 2 years of graduate courses in Fashion, I felt the need to give proper attention to the collages I made as means to relate all my research images and make sense of the storylines that unfolded in my head: being the initial step of my projects, they were always more surreal and fun since there wasn't yet the need to design and therefore think in practical and functional terms.
Also, through these collages I found a way of realizing childhood memories, or child-like stories resulting from my mixed heritage.
I'm Brazilian-Japanese, born and raised in Brazil; my Japanese great-grandparents have emigrated in the 1910s, and because it was important for them to adapt to their new home country and because of the heavy workload in the farms in which they were relocated, passing on their culture to future generations was not a priority.
Many years later, what I built as my cultural identity was therefore a mixture of scattered folklore from Japanese peasants and the Brazilian countryside, pop culture ranging from anime to videogame, with a layer of formal art education and self-taught Art History.

This is a look back on my first project, about Boro.

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