bare bones

bare bones

December 21- 2016:
I am writing as the deadline for submitting the work is looming. I want to thank the opportunity I got from Celeste Network to explore my new project in a safe and supportive environment.The journey I had embarked on for this project turned out to be a personal and reviling one.
In September I started to investigate the universal mind-body dichotomy. I was interested in the correlation between the Material body and the Idea of the body, in the collision and collusion between perception and experience.
I chose to explore the theme through visual investigation of my own body, as I started experiencing pain in my spine. I have come to realize that in order to achieve the sense of physical freedom in my daily movement I have to understand the particularity of my skeletal structure, and that for a holistic 'understanding' of the material body both the experience and the perception of ones own body are necessary.
Hence my work combines experiential tactile approaches with more analytical scientific ones; some drawing are studies from scientific anatomy books, and x-ray images of my own spine, others are blind contour tactile drawings and imprints of my concrete body.
In November I had a profound experience that changed the course of my work. I was invited to visit Sombor, a town in the province of Voivodina in Serbia. It is my father home town. He spent there the first nine years of his life. This is the town from which he was deported to Auschwits. The town commemorated the story my family through an exhibition, there I found the deportation card of my father.
Upon my return I began to explore the correlation between the body and memory, examining how the collective memory and familial history affect the body. In 'I carry my father's memories in my bones' I am working on understanding how his personal story affected the way I carry my physical self through life.
while working on this piece I found myself in a heavy somber mood. The works ' skeletal an visceral' and 'felt sense in a good day ' are a lighter antidote to that.
The deadline for this project does not indicate by any means the end of my thematic journey. I am looking forward to exploring the body in movement with a time base technology, as I gain clarity around the notion of 'fixing' and 'aligning' our body to still position- there is no real stillness in life, we are always in flux.

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