"fertilidad", dijo mi madre | "fertility", my mother said

"fertilidad", dijo mi madre | "fertility", my mother said

Installazione, Amore, Idee, Emozione, Astratto informale, Materiali vari, 130x130x10cm
this note must begin witht the sentence "your mother always known. i mean: always".
"fertility" is a strange (to say at least) word to describe one lemon and some papers putting in the wall forming a heart. due to this, i must to go back to the begining, and say patiently: "your mother always known".
the papers in the wall have life itself, the lemon was born from a lemon tree, and the heart is not complete yet. someone who has the ability to made that someone else says "fertility" with these elements has the true fertility for art inside, in muy humble opinion. moreover, if the "someone else" is her mother i have no more words to write here.

as always, this is a personal note, it is not an artwork description.

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