registro de familia | family records

registro de familia | family records

Collage: Paint and Paper on Paper and Other.

ana said "experimentación" (in spanish) when i ask her about the description of this artwork. the "experimentación" was a time to play with objects and materials, in which ana was watching the results with an exceptic eyes. i think that may be was a kind of scientistic experience embeded in an artistic context.
the painting was made over a sheet of an antique bible (1864). at the end of the Bible, there were several sheets in which the priests took note of births, marriages and deaths of the family.
the red paint is the colour that put all in context: the saints and the sinners sharing the same family record and the same motherwood. the matches as nipples in the center of each paper sheet takes your eyes to a deep and warm place in which you can't decide between the blessing or profanity.

this is not an artwork description, it is just a personal note.
--- silvia

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