ali di fuoco

ali di fuoco

Fotografia Digitale, Figura umana, Digitale, 20x30cm

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loredana matteoli
10 anni fa
dear Emily thanks for your wonderful thoughts! "friendship in life is like your Wings on fire" is the best compliment I ever received.
thanks again!
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
10 anni fa
Wings of passionate fire! We all have our best wings in this life to our loving ones. One who need warmth before go on a journey in life. When we are down after we did our best in this life, there are friends in life gives us place with warmth from their passion and let us rest with their love and heal the moment through sharing warm friendship in life is like your Wings on fire.
Very passionate life form.Very inspiring us to witness through your loving photography.Great sharing dear Loredana!

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