post absence

post absence

The Time passes, parallel with the reality. A world full of constructed memories of humans continues to live. And exactly in one second , the two worlds encounter. Memories enter the daily life, trying to abstractly revived themselves in the doer’s space .

That Specific moment, shows The remainder shock of the sudden alteration of the space in doer's mind, the Observation of absence. The experience of absence.

Relationships are on the move. This was the first thing I was fascinated by. i and my relationship moves in different period of time and distinct place . have experienced and witnessed the leave of beloved ones, to immigrate to travel, or even to die. after one of my precious love left, I started searching and defining the feeling that was born. I concentrated on what they have left in our mutual places, like our mutual room, or places we used to go. At the end, this project represents four different environments of that situation .
In this work, the focus was in creating a structure of remnant existence in a space that tries to reshow itself. For this reason wood was helpful as an alive material. The structure has been built from wood to show the complex presence of the past in the present. In the middle of the structure, there are pictures which are taken while the object was moving, and are printed on acrylic glasses. Pictures were taken in that the mutual place of mine and my beloved person’s. The transparency of pictures foretells their unsure beings in the present. In the end, the hand is used, as the most genuine sense tool , to succor more actual existence of structures in the reality.

As I mentioned above the pivotal importance of this project for me was about to speak out the reconstructed moment in my reality. For that I was motivated by all my beloved friends that have decided to leave for a while. And also by imagining myself when the time will come for me to leave some friends. The question that “what going to happen to our places which carry our memories.”

The pictures, which are between structures, has been captured while I knew the person is going to leave. so I was trying to simulated the sense of the moment when he/she will not be in there anymore, in exact place that we both had exist next to each other.

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Reyhaneh Mirjahani
4 anni fa
Reyhaneh Mirjahani Artista, Scultore
Thank you
Patricia Creyns
4 anni fa
Patricia Creyns Artista
Sensitive, beautiful and poetical.
Greetings from Belgium.

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