In the Wood

In the Wood

Installazione, Paesaggio, Materiali vari, 200x270x400cm
In The Wood

Walk-in installation.

“In the Wood“, perpendicularly hanging barrier tape shaped into a cuboid, visualizes a
temporary state of a defined fragment of space. The term “In the Wood” in the specific case should help to create the transparency of the motivation of the design vocabulary of the installation. The sensation of the vertical in particular as well as the mutual effect of the vertical in the space shall be invoked.

A cuboid levitating above ground level is being visualized which in its defined form as a fragment of space comes across as a corporeal “section”.
The possibility of the view beneath the installation due to its mounting above ground level facilitates the comprehensibility of the connection between the visitor of this walk-in installation with the environment. Moreover, the visitor seems to be a constitutive factor of the space.
This work of art toys with the idea that the space between two objects pretends to be corporeal, i.e. it creates corporeal sensation.

The configuration of the barrier tapes generates concentrated zones on the one hand, and sections defining themselves as perpendicularly- cylindrical hollow spaces of varying diameter on the other hand, thus acting as substitutes of “trunks”.

Walking into the space defined by the barrier tapes is supposed to intensify the spatial experience of “In the Wood” for one thing and it involves the inevitable influence on the pattern of the installation.

The transparent notch at a height of 80 cm above ground level does not only allow the view into the installation but also creates a space in between, simultaneously defining
partition and connection.

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