(Title:) Home - Photograph on a light box and (Title:) Virtue - Installation..

(Title:) Home - Photograph on a light box and (Title:) Virtue - Installation..

Virtue – Installation. Photograph on a light box / Site specific installation.

At home – digital photograph. One morning at my home, while making breakfast, the chicken Kuukel (a domestic chicken), walked in the room and set herself on my good friend Harry. He protected his head with his sweater for her venomous picking. And so I took my camera.

Title: Virtue – Photograph on a light box – Installation (site specific).
The Installation (site specific) consists of a light box, installed at the statue of Lady Justice. When I visited the place where the statue of Lady Justice was present, I asked permission make an installation with the statue. For me a nice and subtle way to put the relationship between man and animal ‘to justice’ in a visual way. For some employees of the courthouse the installation was not o.k., they were quite annoyed about the questioning about humans, animals and equivalence, luckily most of employees were happy about it. I made this installation at the Court of Justice (public area) in Breda (NL), (1 sept-31 dec 2015).

‘Das Ei des Künstlers’ (Artists egg)

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