Indefinite. Leave. (part of The Master Festival)

*About the video archive and this production:
This is intended to be a piece about 30mins. On the day of archiving the show was shorter due to some technical issues.

*The blurb for publicity:
'This is a journey about not being allowed to move forward. It is not even a trial. You are in between. You just stay and wait.
We play games in this human world, with borders and laws, with freedom and rights, and we keep consolidating the edifice, and modifying our rules. This border ahead is palpable, and intangible.'

*What is this piece about to me:
In this piece, I intend to present the anxious waiting moment at border control and make the audience immerse in this situation, by choreographing text, space, scenographic objects, sound, and video.

This time of this year is special for me, and vital for the creation of this piece. My permit to stay in this country, the UK, is reaching its end, and I am not able to choose freely where I want to stay and what I want to do. This anxiety for the uncertainty is my emotional drive for making this piece.

The content and the tone of this piece has been strongly influenced by Kafka’s The Trial. In this novel, nobody gets to see the judge, only being barred from the system and ‘before the law’, as the title of the contained parable says. Everyone is waiting; everyone’s time is being consumed— the gate-keeper’s, the countryman’s, the border officer’s, the traveller’s, and the audience’s.

The title of this piece is more or less a joke to how the permanent residency is called in the British way: ‘indefinite leave to remain’. (It can take 10 years for someone to get it—a long waiting again.) In reality, my future is ‘indefinite’, where I will end up is ‘indefinite’, and I don’t know if I can choose to stay, or ‘leave’.

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