WEAVING STORIES is an artwork created under the concept of Walking Urban Art. This work presents ephemeral moments of pause in the urban way of Barcelona. It is the record of the moments that happen in two seats via a large city. The artist seeks her create a dialogue between different people in the pews, recreating memories meetings and conversations between immigrants and natives, where short stories of life among strangers, stories of love and hate, pauses to look at the map, chats are woven , waits, holidays, breaks sleep, eat or just to rest in the road.
The photographic material presented is the compilation made for two years 2013-2015 where the artist has been watching and recording with his camera from his balcony the entire urban life spent in these two banks in the city.
In the artwork the scenery of a place created with cotton paper that weaves elements to strengthen communication between the seats is recreated, These tissues have written conversations that come and go from one side to the other. the location of the characters of the seats allow interactivity between the work and the observer
The materials with which this artwork are made of cotton and photo paper.

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