This is the World Where I Walk On

This is the World Where I Walk On

Pittura, Virtù, Politico/Sociale, Minimal, Figura umana, Acrilico, 90x60x4.5cm
The picturesque sunset of Manila and the famous white sand beaches of Boracay island do not define the beauty of the Philippines. Rather, it is the hospitality of Filipinos despite their simple lifestyle that tourists miss the most. It is the resilience of Filipinos that impresses the foreigners coming in to help them after the onslaught of a super typhoon or earthquake.

The Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient, does not enjoy wealth and world power status, but it stands proud as the land of enduring hope which serves as the beacon of light when Filipinos feel like the universe is conspiring against them. The Filipino possess a fighting spirit that is essentially a gem worth more than a decent two-story house and a festive meal.

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