Walking his armadillo through space and time

Walking his armadillo through space and time

Pittura, Astratto informale, Libertà, Filosofia, Acrilico, 70x100cm
Through the painting “Walking his armadillo through space and time” I explored how to visually represent an interruption of habitual thought and action by freezing a moment in time on a two-dimensional surface. This was kind of my thinking when I approached this work. I'm interested in time-slices, hence my fascination with photography and I'm also curious about philosophical presentism where neither the past nor the future are considered real but only the present moment of an intended purpose.

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Paul Brotherton
4 anni fa
Paul Brotherton Artista, Designer
A fascinating concept....I like the text.....and another great piece of artwork!
marino felixg
4 anni fa
marino felixg Artista
Kenan K.
4 anni fa
Kenan K. Artista
Nicci, I thank you for such a work and also wish you a good luck...
francesca furin
4 anni fa
Auguri e tanti complimenti!!!
Teresa Palombini
4 anni fa

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