Pink Stripes

Pink Stripes

Pittura, Piante, Natura, Felicità, Astratto informale, Acrilico, 120x100x5cm
My painting is structured around techniques influencing my work at random.

The medium is my inspiration, I let it surprise me, show me new things and influence my work. To me being a painter means learning new things that help me in my artistic path, or indeed in my path as a person to better understand who I am.

What I find so stimulating about painting is that is offers a space where order meets chaos, where our eye can wander between the layers of movements oscillating between premeditation and impulse, between comprehensive harmony and protean spontaneity.

I construct and de-construct my paintings with a succession of mistaking movements and attempts to fix these mistakes. My paintings are like maps of each of my creation instants, snapshots of these movements on the canvas. Each of these movements is like a still picture, an action frozen in the pictorial material.

My painting evolves with an ever-present doubt and the ever-underlying question of my next movement. I look for the moment when "two realities meet, the artist and the what he wished to represent..."
(Francis Bacon, Face et profil. Michel Leiris, éditions Albin Michel, 2004)

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