Video, Filosofia, Natura, Filmato, 11:32
HD video
aspect ratio: 16:9

‘The mirror construction, that is the result of thinking in opposites, is conceptual, i. e. without imagery or lights; it is fictive, dull and empty. There are no opposites in reality. What is there in reality? In one word: difference.’
(Béla Hamvas philosopher)

Artist's statement:
My body of work contains video art and photography series of contemplative nature. My video works are primarily inspired by the experience of meditative observation and presence, which in many cases uncovers unstable layers of meaning and their analogies. I am highly influenced by the regularities of human existence and its quality, as well as their harmonic, yet contradictory relationship with nature.

The rapport between clothing (as kind of abstraction) and personality is included in my latest works. The installations of visual artist Tünde Újszászi also appear in my oeuvre complementing my course of thought and the context I create. I consider them a powerful reflection on motifs of time and passing, which realities are significantly altering the course of my creative process.

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