The Person from Porlock 588 (Translucent)

The Person from Porlock 588 (Translucent)

This is one of series exploring the theme of translucence, in which the image responds to light from behind as well as from the front. I am especially interested in placing translucent images close to a window or other source of natural light. Under these conditions the work frequently alters its appearance in response to the movement of light. Thus it is no longer simply a picture but an object affected by, and expressive of, its environment.

This work can be ordered in smaller sizes, if the purchaser wishes to fit it to a particular window. The price will be reduced accordingly.

Images in this ongoing series, The Person from Porlock, are inspired by the work and life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet, polemicist, political activist and utopian visionary. He was one of the founding figures of the English Romantic movement, which started out as a radical response to the political, social, technological and industrial upheavals at the turn of the nineteenth century. This was a series of revolutions that created the modern world, at great cost to individuals, to societies and to the natural order so revered by the Romantics.

I live in South-West England, a part of the world where the young Coleridge walked and looked about him every day. This remarkable person, charismatic, eloquent, idealistic, but also deeply flawed by self-obsession, encourages me to look at this world that surrounds me with the intensity and attention he brought to it more than 200 years ago. Like Coleridge, I wish to see deeper into the structures of nature and human society. And, like him, I seek to connect the world we inhabit with our deepest feelings, desires and ambitions, fused together in the crucible of the imagination.

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