Pittura, Idee, Memoria, Astratto geometrico, Minimal, Tecnica mista, 21x29.7x0.1cm
My work explores the phenomenological experience. I try to get rid of contrivances in the working process. Instead of source material, I concentrate on the present phenomena that happen to be here and now of the working process and the subtle moment of observation and imagination. In many cases my work is studio specific as the spatial quality of the studio where I work influences my work, such as ever changing light and the white geometric space.
The work on paper is a sort of manuscript whose surface is woven by the archival time of gestures such as drawing, carving, sanding, erasing and looking. I enjoy the quiet materiality made out of such repetitive process. I often work onto a notebook sized paper laid on a table as if writing rather than painting. I look for a congruous condition where the drawing elements – point, line and face – meet one another making their own narratives.

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