Look mum, I saved a rainbow!

Look mum, I saved a rainbow!

Installazione, Minimal, Materiali vari, 100x10x10cm
The work deals with the loss of original details in the digital translation of analog values.
Hereby two contradictory storage media are juxtaposed in opposition.
Nanometer values of the colors of the rainbow, which cover the color spectrum visible to humans, were converted by digital interpretations in red, green and blue values. By this 256 RGB values were produced, the maximum that can be stored in an 8-bit array. Each individual value has been stored on a floppy disc and then inscribed by hand with quill and durable archive ink as it was already used 300 c.Chr. to create data sheets. The use of the floppy, the magnetic writing on the disc and the manual labeling with durable archive ink and quill continuously plays with the relationship between analog and digital storable data and the storage itself.The magnetic field of the disc is constantly weakening, the color values will be lost in a few years, the ink labeling as a designation of the stored content will maintain longer, but be gradually depleted as a reference to a digital substance.

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