‘Mother’ 2014’, Victor Agius.
Unfired Gozitan Blue Clay and wood.310x150x140cm. This work was created by Victor Agius in 2014 during an interdisciplinary project named Ggantija 2013, inspired by the UNESCO world heritage Site ‘Ggantija Temples’ dating back to 3,800 years B.C. and was exhibited in Spazju Kreattiv in La Valletta Malta.

Some excerpts from the Curator Dr Vince Briffa about the Ggantija Project and the nature behind this work.

The Ġgantija Art Project explicitly explores the resonance of matter as a fundamental language in a search for a universal meaning through a transcendent spatiotemporal dialogue. The symbiosis of sound and matter, conveyed through Mariella Cassar’s contemporary classical music composition and Victor Agius’s sculptural and media installations, redefines today’s meaning of collective ritual through a combined process of production and reaffirms man’s innate regard for the creative process as a distinctive means of realising a higher state of being.

In his Sculptures Victor Agius recasts rural patches of the dark earth into large and sometimes massive sculptures, where like the farmer who works the land in order to bear fruit, he works the land so that the land itself becomes its own Arcadia, an unspoiled, harmonious sculptural wilderness that many times belies the same intervention of the artist, as he purposely leaves no trace of his hand, making his intervention one with nature.

Artist’s Statement

The site of Ġgantija is synonymous with ritual life, death and regeneration. The rawness of unfired Gozitan blue clay illustrates further the relationship between the ambience of the prehistoric temple and our physical association with the earth. The organic megalithic form is a metaphor for the temple and transmits its aura through its gigantic proportions while the sphere, with its rugged and agitated surface, alludes to the vastness and infinite forms which know no beginning nor end, reminiscent of our ancestral birth.

Victor Agius.

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