On 26 February 2016, I fired an AK47 at an iPad.
A high frame-rate video and a sound recording were made of the bullet hitting the screen.

The installation consists of a functioning iPad.
This device plays the video and sound of the destruction of the screen of the shot iPad.
Subsequently, the recordings are played backwards in slow-motion.
The sequence is repeated.
The iPad shows an endless process of its own destruction and regeneration.

Over the past few decades, Western warfare endeavors have increasingly become understood as clean or hidden affairs, conducted with hi-tech surveillance and slick computer game-like technologies, controlling drones and laser-guided precision missiles. However, with the recent terror attacks in Belgium and France, terrorists and security forces in military attire and armed with automatic weapons have brought back the fearful image of traditional battlefield conflict to the heart of hi-tech consumer culture. In Assault, the conflicting ideas of clean (consumer) technology and dirty battlefield warfare are brought to a material collision.

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